Server Commands and their Syntaxes.
                                                    by fOotLoOse

  ADMIN         - ADMIN [server]
                  Returns information about the Admin of the server.

  AKILL         - AKILL <HOST> <USERID> <LENGHT> <AKILLER> <TIME set> <:reason>
                  Performs the akill command sent from services.

  AWAY          - AWAY [away message]
                  With an away message, sets the user AWAY. Without an
                  away message, sets the user back from AWAY.

  CAPAB         - CAPAB
                  Communicate what the server can do to another server.

                  ChanServ gives normal users the ability to keep hold
                  of a channel, without the need for a bot.

                  Sends a CHATOPS message of  to all
                  opers on the network who are umode +b

+ CLOSE         - CLOSE
                  Close any connections from clients who have not fully
                  registered yet.

                  When [SERVER_B] is used, CONNECT asks [SERVER_B] to
                  connect to [SERVER_A].  Global Opers only.

                  When [server_B] is not used, CONNECT tries to connect
                  your server to [SERVER_A].  Local and Global Opers.

                  When [port] is used, the connection will be attempted
                  to [port].
                  When [port] is not used, 6667 is used as a default.

+ DIE           - DIE [password]
                  Terminates the IRC server with optional reason

+ DNS           - DNS
                  Shows some stats about ircd's asynchronous resolving

  ERROR         - ERROR [parameters]
                  An internal command that sends an error message to all
                  local operators.  (Can't type this one.)

                  Sends an GLOBOPS message of <MESSAGE> to all
                  opers on the network who are umode +g

                  Like wallop, but only to +g clients on this server.

+ GOPER         - GOPER :<MESSAGE>
                  Like wallops, but only to ALL +o clients on every server.

+ HASH          - HASH
                  Shows some stats about ircd's internal hashes.

  HELP          - HELP [server]
                  Remote help is oper only. (Part of the HelpOps system
                  that was never fully implemented.)

+ HTM           - HTM [option]
                  When no [option] is given, HTM shows the current
                  High Traffic Mode rate and whether HTM is on or off.

                  [option] can be one of the following:
                    ON        - Forces High Traffic Mode to be on. With
                                this on, ircd is more efficient in
                                reading server-to-server traffic and
                                oper traffic, but will be less efficient
                                than normal with normal client traffic.
                    OFF       - Forces High Traffic Mode to be off.
                                (see above)
                    OFF       - Forces High Traffic Mode to be off.
                                (see above)
                    TO <RATE> - Sets the High Traffic Mode rate to
                                <RATE>.  Ircd will automatically go
                                into High Traffic Mode when <RATE>
                                is reached, and will automatically turn
                                it off when things calm down.
                    QUIET     - When set, ircd will not notify opers
                                when it goes into and out of High
                                Traffic Mode.
                    NOISY     - When set, ircd will notify opers
                                when it goes into and out of High
                                Traffic Mode.

                  Sends an IDENTIFY to NickServ or ChanServ, depending
                  on what is in the first argument.  If the first argument
                  is missing, it sends the command to NickServ for the
                  current nick.

  INFO          - INFO [server]
                  Returns information about the IRCd running on the on the
                  server. If a server is specified, it queries that server
                  for that information; otherwise, the current server is used.

  INVITE        - INVITE <NICK> <channel>
                  Sends a request to the nick named to join the named channel.

  ISON          - ISON :<NICK> [<NICK> <NICK> <NICK>]
                  Polls the server to see if the named nick[s] are on IRC.

  JOIN          - JOIN <CHANNEL>[,channel,channel] [args]
                  Joins channel[s] listed, the second argument being the key
                  needed to enter that channel. If the channel 0 is joined, it will
                  immediately part all channels.

  KICK          - KICK <CHANNEL> <NICK> [reason]
                  Removes a nick from a channel

  KILL          - KILL <NICK> <REASON>
                  Disconnects user <NICK> from the IRC server he/she
                  is connected to with reason <REASON>.
                  Local Opers can only kill clients on his/her server.
                  Global Opers can kill clients on any server on the
                  IRC network.

+ KLINE         - KLINE <NICK|USER@HOST> :[reason]
                  Adds a K:LINE to the ircd.conf or klines.conf file which
                  will ban the specified user from using that server.
                  The banned client will receive a message saying he/she
                  is banned with reason [reason]

                  For a temporary KLINE, length of kline is given in
                  minutes as the first parameter i.e.
                  KLINE 10 <NICK|USER@HOST> :cool off for 10 minutes

  LINKS         - LINKS [server]
                  Returns a listing of all linked servers. If a single server is specified,
                  only that line is returned.

  LIST          - LIST [options]
                  If you don't include any options, the default is to send you the
                  entire unfiltered list of channels. Below are the options you can
                  use, and what channels LIST will return when you use them.

                  Option   Meaning
                  ======== ===============================================================
                  number   List channels with more than <NUMBER> people.
                  number   List channels with less than <NUMBER> people.
                  C>number List channels created between now and <NUMBER> minutes ago.
                  C<NUMBER List channels created earlier than <NUMBER> minutes ago.
                  T>number List channels whose topics are older than <NUMBER> minutes
                             (Ie, they have not changed in the last <NUMBER> minutes.
                  T<NUMBER List channels than <number whose topics are not older> minutes.
                   *mask*   List channels that match *mask*
                  !*mask*   List channels that do not match *mask*

                  Sends an LOCOPS message of <MESSAGE> to all
                  opers on local server who are umode +g

  LUSERS        - LUSERS ARRAY(0x953d0e4) [server to query]
                  Returns statistics on local users.

                  MemoServ allows users registered with NickServ to send
                  each other messages, which can be read by the recipient at
                  his/her leisure. Memos can be sent to people even when they
                  are not on IRC.

  MODE          - MODE <NICK|CHANNEL> <MODE list> [args]
                  Changes the modes on a nick or channel (must be a channel
                  operator to change channel modes.

  MOTD          - MOTD [server]
                  Returns the Message Of The Day for the server.

                  Returns a list of nicks that are not +i (invisible mode)
                  on the named channel.

  NICK          - NICK <NEW nick>
                  If the new nick is not in use, changes to the new nickname.

                  NickServ permits users to "register" a nickname, and stop
                  others from using that nick.

                  Sends a notice to the nick or channel.

  OPER          - OPER <NICK> <PASSWORD>
                  Sets the usermode +o making that person an IRC operator.

                  OperServ allows opers to use commands necessary to run
                  the network.

  PART          - PART <CHANNEL>,[<CHANNEL>,<CHANNEL>] :[part message]
                  Leaves the channel[s] listed.

  PASS          - PASS <PASSWORD>
                  Used to send a password to the server.

                  Pings the server.

                  Pongs the server.

                  Sends a privmsg to the nick or channel.

  PROTOCTL      - PROTOCTL [Options]
                  Define which protocols (NOQUIT,TOKEN,etc.) the IRCd

  QUIT          - QUIT :[quit message]
                  Disconnects from the server with an optional quit message.

  RAKILL        - RAKILL <HOSTMASK> <USERNAME> <:comment>

  REHASH        - REHASH [option]
                  When no [option] is given, ircd will re-read the
                  ircd.conf file.

                  [option] can be one of the following:
                    DNS     - Re-read the /etc/resolv.conf file
                    IP      - Reloads the IP hash for the new and
                              improved ACKPATCH.  Should never need
                              to be used.
                    TKLINES - Clears temporary klines
                    GC      - Performs garbage collecting of excess
                    MOTD    - Re-reads MOTD file

  RESTART       - RESTART [password] [:reason]
                  Reloads the IRC binary and configuration files. Password
                  only if there is an X:line entry.

                  Allows an oper set +a to modify channel modes on a channel.

  SERVER        - SERVER <SERVER name> ARRAY(0x953d15c)
                  Like the USER command registers a user with an IRCd, the
                  SERVER command registers servers (and remote servers from
                  down the line). This is the server to server command that
                  synchs two (or more) servers.


+ SET           - SET <OPTION> <VALUE>
                  <OPTION> can be one of the following:
                    MAX       - Sets the number of max connections
                                to <VALUE>.  (This number cannot exceed
                                HARD_FDLIMIT in config.h)

                    -- The following three are if compiled with FLUD --
                     FLUDNUM   - Sets the number of flud messages to
                                 trip flud alarm to <VALUE>
                     FLUDTIME  - Sets the number of seconds in which
                                  FLUDNUM msgs must occur to <VALUE>
                     FLUDBLOCK - Sets the number of seconds to block
                                 fluds to <VALUE>


                  Server joins, after a netsplit.

  SQLINE        - SQLINE <NICK mask> <:reason>
                  Command to add a Q:lined nick from services.

  SQUIT         - SQUIT <SERVER> [reason]
                  Splits <SERVER> away from your side of the net with

  STATS         - STATS <LETTER> ARRAY(0x953d674)
                  Queries server [server] (or your own server if no
                  server parameter is given) for info corresponing to

                 LETTER (* = Oper only.)
                  ------ ([ = Can be configured to be oper only.)
                  ] c - Shows C/N lines
                   e - Shows E lines
                   o - Shows O/o lines
                    p - Shows opers connected and their idle times
                    q - Shows Q lined nicks
                    r - Shows resource usage by ircd (only in DEBUGMODE)
                  * s - Shows server cache statistics
                  * t - Shows generic server stats
                  * U - Shows U:lined servers.
                    u - Shows server uptime
                    v - Shows connected servers and their idle times
                    y - Shows Y lines
                  * z - Shows memory stats
                    ? - Shows connected servers and sendQ info about them

                  StatServ is used to give users, IRC Operators and
                  Admins a glimpse of how the network is performing
                  server<->server-wise and as a whole.

                  Used to initiate timestamp swapping during a resynch.

  SVSKILL       - SVSKILL <NICK> <KILL message>
                  Used by services only to kill a nick off the server.

  SVSMODE       - SVSMODE <NICK> <+-mode list>
                  Used by services only to change a user's usermode, such
                  as when opering or setting auto +i.

  SVSNICK       - SVSNICK <OLD nick> <NEW nick> <TIMESTAMP>
                  Used by services only to change a user's nick. On
                  DALnet, they are changed to Guest##### nicks.

  SVSNOOP       - SVSNOOP <SERVER> <+|->
                  Used by services to quarantine (make all opers local)
                  a server and its opers.

  TIME          - TIME [server]
                  Used to determine the local time on server.

  TOPIC         - TOPIC <CHANNEL> :<TOPIC message>
                  Used to set a channel topic.

+ TRACE         - TRACE ARRAY(0x953d6b0)
                  TRACE shows client info about ARRAY(0x953d710) or about
                  the server you are on if no ARRAY(0x953d788) is given.

                  All users that use TRACE can see the path to
                  ARRAY(0x953d7c4) if given and all servers and opers
                  connected, as well as the connection class they
                  fall into.

                  Opers can see all clients connected to a server
                  with TRACE as well as the connection class they
                  fall into.

                  -- If compiled with UNKLINE --
                  Will attempt to unkline the given <USER@HOST>

                  Command to remove a services-added Q:line for a nick.

  USER          - USER <USERNAME> <CLIENT hostname><SERVER hostname><:real name>
                  Used to define the userid and "real name" for the client
                  when registering at login time.  Client/server hostname only
                  used by other servers, not the clients.

  USERHOST      - USERHOST <NICK> [nick nick etc.]

  USERS         - USERS [server]
                  Returns the current local and global users on the

  VERSION       - VERSION [server]
                  Used to determine the version of the IRCd running on
                  the server.

                  Sends a WALLOPS message of <MESSAGE> to all opers
                  who are umode +w and +z (see above)

                  Server sent WALLOPS go to all users who are umode
                  +w, oper or not.

  WATCH         - WATCH [options]
                  Much like the ISON command (which has to be reissued),
                  the WATCH command will let you keep a list of nicks
                  on the WATCH list...if they connect or disconnect, the
                  IRCD notifies you; you don't have to poll. Valid through
                  entire session, deleted when you leave the server.

                  Options Meaning
                  ======= ===============================================
                   +nick  Add nick to watch list
                   -nick  Remove nick from watch list
                     C    Clear watch list
                     S    WATCH Status report
                     L    WATCH List

  WHO           - WHO ARRAY(0x953d800) or WHO [Bad concatenation value ()]
                - WHO [[+|-][acghmnsu] [args]
                  Flags are specified like channel modes, the flags
                  cgmnsu all have arguments. Flags are set to a positive
                  check by +, a negative check by -

                  +FLAGS  ARGS
                  ======  =============================================
                    +n    nick
                          - wildcards accepted
                    +u    userid (ident)
                          - wildcards accepted
                    +h    hostname (named or numeric IP address)
                          - wildcards accepted
                    +g    GCOS (real name) [* oper only]
                          - wildcards accepted
                    +a    user is away
                    +m    modes
                          - non-opers can use oaA
                    +c    #channel
                          - no wildcards
                    +s    server
                          - no wildcards

  WHOIS         - WHOIS <NICK>[,nick,nick,nick]
                  Shows you a listing of information about the nick[s].

  WHOWAS        - WHOWAS <NICK>[,nick,nick,nick]
                  Shows a brief listing showing information about a nick
                  that just quit IRC.

+ ZLINE         - ZLINE <NICK|IP> :[reason]
                  Adds a ZLINE to the ircd.conf or klines.conf file
                  which will deny any connections from the IP address
                  of the banned client.  The banned client will receive
                  a message saying he/she is banned with reason [reason]

                  In order to use <NICK> rather than <IP>, <NICK> must
                  be on your server.