NickServ Commands.
                                             by fOotLoOse


        USAGE: /NickServ INFO nick 
        Use this command to find out information about a registered nick. 

       Use this command to reserve a nickname for your use by registering it with NickServ.
       You must include a valid email address; when you register your nick, an email is 
       sent to you by services containing an AUTH command which you must issue to 
       complete the registration.
       EXAMPLE: /NickServ REGISTER 97854pass^%$@word


       USAGE: /NickServ AUTH nick Authorization Number 
       This command is used when you have registered your nick or changed your email
       address for your nick. 
       EXAMPLE: /msg AUTH Nick1 23490843654564750


       USAGE: /NickServ Identify nick password 
       This command is used when you get on IRC to identify to NickServ for your nick;
       in this way, NickServ knows that you are supposed to have access to that nick 
       and everything that the nick implies (ops in places, status in channels). 
       EXAMPLE: /NickServ IDENTIFY 97854pass^%$@word
       EXAMPLE: /NickServ IDENTIFY Nick 97854pass^%$@word (if you're not using Nick) 


       USAGE: /NickServ Access Add mask
       EXAMPLE: /NickServ ACCESS ADD 
       Use this command to add a mask to your nick's access mask list. 


       USAGE: /NickServ Access DEL mask 
       EXAMPLE: /NickServ ACCESS DEL
       Use this command to del a mask from your nick's access mask list.

      USAGE: /NickServ Access List 
      Use this command to view your nick's access mask list.

      USAGE: /NickServ ID nick 
      When you first get into a nick, either through having just connected or using
      the /nick command, NickServ assigns you a random 9-digit number to keep track of
      who you are. If you change nicks, the number changes. If the value of ID 
      for a nick is 0, the nick isn't being used. This command is really only potentially 
      useful to bots, scripts or programs that need to know if the nick really is the 
      same as it was earlier (with no nick changes).  

      USAGE: /NickServ Ghost nick password
      EXAMPLE: /NickServ GHOST YourNick YourPassword 
      Sometimes on IRC, you gets disconnected, the server doesn't realize right away 
      that you aren't really at your keyboard (the console) anymore, and thinks 
      that your client is still there. When this happens, you come back on IRC to 
      find that your nick is already taken. If you do a /whois on yourself, you'll 
      find that it's YOU! It's a ghost! 


      USAGE: /NickServ RECOVER nick password 
      When you get on IRC and find that someone else is using your nick, you have two 
      ways you can get it back: you can ghost them (not necessarily the best idea)
      or you can RECOVER your nick through NickServ (better idea). The first way kills
      them off IRC, but they can frequently get back on IRC and back into your nick 
      before you can switch to it (because of lag delays or whatever). 

      The better way is to use the RECOVER command to kill them out of your nick and 
      places an "enforcer" into the nick as a place holder. This enforcer is a way to 
      keep them from just jumping right back into your nick before you can. 


      USAGE: /NickServ Release nick password 
      In order to reclaim your nick, you issue the RELEASE command to get the enforcer
      out of your nick. Then you can switch into your nick without problems using the
      /nick YourNick command 

      USAGE: /NickServ Drop nick [DropCode] 
      EXAMPLE :/NickServ drop Yournick (When you issue this command you will be given a CODE)
      EXAMPLE: /NickServ DROP YourNick 7564983467 

      If you no longer want to keep control of a nick, this command will allow you 
      to give the nick up. It removes the nickname from NickServ's database so anyone 
      can use it.


      USAGE: /NickServ Set Email NewEmail@address 
      This command is used to change the email address set on your nick. 


      USAGE: /NickServ Set Enforce [On | Off] 
      In order to prevent someone from using your nick, you can set Enforce 
      On for your nick. When this setting is enabled, whoever is using your 
      nick,NickServ will change it to Guest unless they issue the correct PASSWORD. 

SET NoMemo

      USAGE: /NickServ Set NoMemo [On | Off] 
      If you do not want to receive any memos sent to this nick, turn this option on.
      This is usually used for nicks that receive a lot of memos from unknown sources. 


      USAGE: /NickServ Set NoOp [On | Off] 
      This command is used if you do not wish to be added to channel's AOP/SOP lists 
      without your permission. 

SET Passwd

      USAGE: /NickServ Set Passwd CurrentPassword NewPassword 
      Use this command whenever you need or want to change your password for your nick.
      NOTE: The command is PASSWD (without the "or" between the "W" and the "D"),
      not PASSWORD. 

SET Secure

      USAGE: /NickServ Set Secure [On | Off] 
      This command prevents the use of the masks in the nick's access list. 

SET ShowEmail

      USAGE: /NickServ Set SHOWEMAIL [On | Off] 
      This command lets you allow people to view your email address you have set on your nick. 


      USAGE: /NickServ Set URL link
      This is an informational tag only; all it does is adds a line into your 
      /NickServ Info.There are two common ways to use this: putting your email 
      address in it, or providing your home page's (or perhaps a favorite) URL.
      It cannot be longer than 64 characters long.