MemoServ Commands.
                                             by fOotLoOse

     USAGE: /MemoServ LIST 
     This command lists the first 20 of your memos. Each memo will have a 
     number beside it that you will use when deciding which memo(s) you want 
     to read, delete or undelete. If the number has a * beside it, that message is unread.

     USAGE: /MemoServ READ number
     You use this command to read the message.
     Multiple messages can be read by the same command by separating each number 
     by a comma without a space. 


     USAGE: /MemoServ DEL [number | ALL] 
     You can delet the message(s) by the number(s) given.
     Multiple messages can be marked for deletion by the same command by separating
     each number by a comma without a space. 
     DEL ALL is used to remove all memos from the MemoServ database.
     USAGE: /MemoServ UNDEL Number
     If You haven't yet purged them, you can undelete the message(s) by the index number(s) 
     given in the MemoServ List. 


     USAGE: /MemoServ PURGE [Number | ALL]
     Permanently remove those memos which have been marked to be deleted. 
     This command cannot be undone.


      USAGE: /MemoServ SEND [nick | channel] message 
      There is a limit of five memos per person to one nick and a limit of 
      255 characters per memo.
      Channel memos are sent to everyone on the AOP and SOP lists and the founder.

      USAGE: /MemoServ SENDSOP channel message 
      Use this command to send a message to all SOPs and the channel founder. 

      USAGE: /MemoServ FORWARD [- | nick password] 
      Memos sent to one of your alternate nicks to your main nick so you can 
      retrieve them from a single nick instead of having to switch to the other nick.
      minus sign (-) after the FORWARD command, forwarding is turned off.
      EXAMPLE : /MemoServ FORWARD -