Channel Modes.
                                             by fOotLoOse

b - Ban 

     USAGE: /Mode #channel [+|-] b [Nick|host] 
     This mode is used to prevent a user matching the banmask from joining the channel.
     Or removing a ban manually. 

c - No colours allowed

    This mode prevents people from sending messages or notices into a channel
    which contain colour codes.  

i - Invite only
     USAGE: /Mode #channel [+|-] i
           In order for someone to join the channel, they have to be 
           invited in by an op in the channel or ChanServ.
           An operator in the channel can type  /invite nick #channel 
           an AOP (or higher) can type  /chanserv invite #channel. 
k - Key

     USAGE: /Mode #channel [+|-] k (key or password)
           example :  /Mode #channel +k T0-_-^&^H 
           Then a user wanting to join the channel would have to 
           know the correct password to  /join #channel Key
           example :  /join #channel  T0-_-^&^H

l - Limit

    This mode limits the number of users for a channel.
    example :/mode #channel +l 3 
    Will allow only 3 (three) persons to join the channel.
m - Moderated

    A moderated channel restricts normal users from sending text into the channel.
    Only the ops (+o) and voices (+v) can talk in the channel.
    Also, if a channel is moderated, clients are blocked from changing their nicks 
    while in that moderated channel, with the exception of services changing them 
    to a Guest nick.
n - No external channel messages

    This mode prevents text from being sent into the channel from a nick that is 
    not in the channel. 
o - Channel Operator
    This mode (+o) gives @ beside a nick. indicating that the person is an Operator.
O - IRC Operators only

    This modes restricts entry into a channel to IRC Operators only. 
p - Private

    Originally, the private mode hid the channel topic from a /list but listed 
    the channel. It also hid the channel from a /whois request. Now, this mode 
    is exactly the same as +s (Secret) 

r - Registered channel with ChanServ 
    This mode cannot be set by an operator - it can only be set by ChanServ. 
    It only means that the channel is registered with ChanServ. 

R - Registered nicks only 

    This mode is restricts entry to a channel to only nicks that have identified 
    for their nick to NickServ. Those nicks will be set nick mode +r. 

s - Secret 

    This mode prevents someone to see the channel you are in, from your /Whois reply
    unless HE/SHE is in the channel. 
    Finally, it will not show up in /LIST of the channels currently open. 

t - Only ops change the Topic 

    This mode restricts changing the topic to only the channel operators. 
    (ChanServ can still over-ride this if TopicLock is set to SOP or Founder.)

v - Voice in the channel

    This mode (+v) gives + beside a nick.  

NOTE: These modes are all changed by a channel operator using /mode #channel mode change(s).
      The current channel mode settings can be retrieved by omitting the modes parameter
      completely. Also, the ban list for a channel can be retrieved using just 
      /mode #channel +b with no ban mask(s) after it. 
NOTE: Only six (6) modes changes, in any order you choose, 
      are allowed in one mode command.